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New SME – Debt Angels Services

DeDebt Angelsar all,

Kitty here, I hope your 2016 has started off well – I cant believe it is already March – CRAZY xx

As you may or may not know, mid last year I began formally putting together a business I have been running on the side for many years, I engaged a business partner and we began to design a system that would enable us to manage many peoples debt’s and subsequently help lots of people free themselves from debt simultaneously.

I am super proud of the business we have created, the feedback from our clients,​ and the website we have put together with the wonderful Darren Bartsch from the awesome LYONESS SME  Paradise1Productions.

I am super excited about the results we are getting for our clients (All of whom say to us once they start working with us, or even after the free consults, that they can breath again – which is wonderful to hear, but better to enable in others) we have saved our clients over 10 ​thousand dollars​ in our first couple of weeks of officially opening the doors.

Debt is a very touchy subject, yet so many people find themselves completely overwhelmed and paralyzed by it, understandably.

THERE IS NOTHING TO BE ASHAMED ABOUT – WE ALL GO THROUGH TOUGH TIMES, the difference i believe is, some people ask for help and others hibernate, rather than communicating…

Debt Angels holds no judgement, we are here to help clear away the noise, so you can once again think, then we work with you to resolve your debt issues so you can live your life fully once more.

Today, I am finally ready to share with the Lyoness Community – how people can “GET PAID, TO PAY OFF YOUR DEBT” yes you read that right…

For a very short time – we are offering not only a FREE CONSULT but also 40% off the on-boarding amount (9 out of 10 clients we will make this money back for in our first call).

Please read below and if any of this applies to you or your loved ones, then feel free to check out our website (where you will find a link to receive a FREE credit report) and be in communication, so we can arrange to have a chat about getting you/them back on track…

Do you hold your breath every time the phone rings?
Do you point blank refuse to answer a private number?
Do you feel like you are being bullied when financial institutions are chasing their money?
Do you feel helpless? hopeless? or are you thinking of going bankrupt?

If you answered YES to 1 or more of these questions… we can help!

Contact us now  for your FREE CONSULT

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My First Blog – how I got into massive debt and why we are qualified to get you out of debt

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Best Regards,


Kitty Thomas
“Debt Angel”

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